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Being duped by fraudulent means to enter into a marriage can be extremely distressing. There are several reasons for an invalid marriage in Arlington VA. Regardless of the reason to file for annulment, proceeding with the Arlington VA legal process results in severe anxiety and uncertainty about your future. The Arlington VA lawyer affirms that clients proceeding with annulment are confused with their state of marriage and are unable to decide the next step with certainty.

When such perplexed clients meet a skilled Arlington VA lawyer, they are relieved to know that this state of mind is perfectly normal. If you are considering an annulment, know from our Arlington VA lawyer the various options available to free yourself from an invalid marriage by filing for an annulment. Our Arlington VA lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C. asserts that the vital difference between divorce and annulment is that, on obtaining an annulment, it is as though the marriage never happened.

When Can Annulment Be Filed?

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For a marriage to be valid in Arlington, all the necessary formalities required by the VA laws should have been duly fulfilled and proved with substantiation. Your Arlington VA lawyer accentuates that when the essential requirements necessary to constitute a valid marriage are not fulfilled, there is no marriage at all in the eyes of law.

If Either Party In A Marriage Is A Minor

Marriages in Arlington VA may be invalid if one or both parties are not of the required legal age to be married. For more information on annulment based on failure to fulfill the age requirement, contact the Arlington VA lawyer. If there is a defect in any aspect of your association that makes you eligible to file for annulment, you should not make the mistake of filing for a divorce. Our experienced Arlington VA lawyer can tell you with certainty as to whether your case qualifies for an annulment process. Our lawyers can provide quick solutions!!

There Exists A Valid First Marriage

Your marriage has no standing if the first relationship has not been terminated properly through a divorce, notifies your Arlington VA lawyer. This situation is emotionally messy with anger replacing the love you had for your spouse. Your Arlington VA lawyer will assert that the legal position is clear, marrying someone who is not legally divorced from a prior marriage means your marriage to that person is invalid. This is a perfectly valid scenario for annulment. This happens when your partner intentionally entered into a new marital relationship without disclosing his previous marital relationship. The Arlington VA lawyer narrates that clients find it extremely difficult to move on once they learn about how they have been taken for a ride. During these crucial times, it is important to not get distressed. Find a proficient Arlington VA lawyer who can sort out your annulment issues for you. The Arlington VA lawyer you retain will update that the other party will have to face legal consequences. You need to prove with the Arlington VA lawyer’s assistance that you were unaware of the existing previous relationship.

Marriage Entered By Committing Fraud

The Arlington VA lawyer clarifies that any kind of deception is a ground to file for annulment. The dependence on alcohol or drugs can put an entire family in danger, addiction changes a person’s priorities. If an individual has been deceived into entering into the marital bond on the belief that the spouse has no addiction but is actually a serious addict, it is a valid ground for annulment. Your Arlington VA lawyer will caution you that you cannot obtain an annulment if you have cohabitated with the partner after knowing his/her deception tactics. On knowing these disturbing facts, the party should immediately initiate annulment proceedings, cautions the Arlington VA lawyer.

Your marriage can become null and void if you have been tricked or deceived into marrying someone. You have the right to know everything about your spouse. If your spouse has fraudulently failed to reveal crucial matters, then you can request the Arlington VA court to declare your marriage null. If your partner was indicted of a felony before your marital relationship, and he did not tell you about it before you got married, your Arlington VA lawyer will notify you that such fraudulent conduct is a ground for annulment. It is important to prove that you did not cohabit with the spouse after knowing about the criminal conviction. If you have a legally recognized ground for declaring your marriage invalid, contact a lawyer immediately.

If your partner is unable to have children and did not tell you about this fact at the time you got married, despite the spouse himself/herself being aware of the problem, a court may grant an annulment. The crucial question in these cases is, whether the marriage would have been entered if the spouse knew about the impotent condition of the spouse. If you are trapped in an unhappy marriage in which your partner has failed to disclose important issues such as impotency to you, then you should file for annulment with the guidance of a lawyer.

It is not illegal for those with mental illnesses to marry, clarifies your lawyer. However, a marital relationship may be invalid if a person is unable to comprehend the implications of being married. A court will render the marriage invalid if either spouse did not have the mental capacity to consent.
Your lawyer will explain that in an annulment case, the parties are not considered as spouses for any reason. Neither spouse has the legal obligation to pay alimony, asserts your lawyer. The laws are very clear on the aspect that there should be a valid ground to request for annulment. Your lawyer will accentuate that merely because annulment can seem to be a shorter route to end the marriage compared to a divorce, it cannot be chosen without valid cause.

If you are someone contemplating filing for annulment in Arlington VA, then you should immediately contact our lawyer at The Law Offices Of SRIS, P.C.

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