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Divorce in Virginia from a judicial as well as the legal point of view is the end of the agreement on the establishment of a family. If you have no disputes with the former partner in marriage about the sharing of property acquired in marriage or about the fate of children, the process of divorce will take about two months, and divorce lawyer can conduct the whole process for you.

Unfortunately, almost any divorce procedure leads to a lot of disputes, the emergence of conflicts between former spouses. The divorce is done to protect someone from the conflicts as well as without getting any pressure psychologically, mutual insults and threats, the property due by law is best entrusted with legal support for divorce through trial to experienced lawyers with extensive experience. In some cases, capability for solving them in the small interval of time.

Lawyers offer several basic services that allow you to quickly and efficiently solve the tasks. By entrusting the divorce proceedings to the case, you can always count on prompt receipt of the necessary documents, filing a claim for divorce and their competent preparation. Furthermore, within the framework of this direction, information on property objects that can be separated during the dissolution of marriage in a judicial procedure is professionally managed. The divorce lawyer participates in court hearings, provides advisory support and other practical assistance.

If you are the initiator of divorce through a court of law or if you have initiated the dissolution of marriage through the court, then in the court documents you will be indicated as the “Petitioner.”

The lawyer for divorce through the court will do the following work for you:

An initial consultation on divorce

Preparation of an application for divorce in court on your behalf;

receipt in the competent authorities and preparation of the necessary documentation for the court;

payment of state duty to court;

submission of documents to court;

Participate in the court hearing representing your interests, through obtaining a decision of a court on divorce.

The cost of a divorce lawyer also includes the cost of divorce counseling that you can receive during the process.

If you get divorced from you

If the proceedings of the divorce are being initiated by your spouse, then you will be the defendant. In the absence of disputes with the partner on the division of property, living and raising children, lawyer offer a fixed payment option with the representation of your interests in the process of divorce through the court.

A lawyer for dissolution of marriage in court will do for you such work:

An initial consultation on divorce through the courts

Preparation of a response to the claim for the divorce of your spouse;

submission of documentation to the court;

participation in court hearings with a representation of your interests;

Obtaining a court decision on divorce.

You do not need to pay court fees, because it is the duty of your spouse who initiated the divorce. The cost of lawyer services for divorce in court also includes the cost of divorce counseling that you can receive during the process.

Friendly divorce

Most couples who have underage children and do not have disputes about children and their maintenance, property, go through a process of friendly divorce. Lawyers in such a divorce represent the interests of the spouses from the drafting of the divorce application and until obtaining a certificate of divorce in the registry office.

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