Driving Without Insurance in Warren Virginia

Just like every state differs in its liability insurance or other financial requirement for drivers, every state also varies in its penalties for driving without meeting those requirements. In the state of Virginia, you must obtain auto insurance which at least meets the state’s minimum coverage necessities: Driving without insurance in Warren, Virginia result in severe consequences, liable on the condition. If you are found to be driving a car without proper coverage in place, and you have not chosen to pay the $500 uninsured motor vehicle (UMV) fee, which lets you to drive uninsured for a determined length of time, you could be sentenced of a Class 3 misdemeanor, compulsory to pay a $500 fine and might lose your driver’s license, vehicle registration and license plates.

Penalties for Driving without Insurance

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) shows insurance coverage over an electronic insurance verification program. If the DMV determines that you have been driving without the suitable insurance coverage, you are subject to:

  • $500 fine
  • The loss of driving rights and a suspension of your registration plates.

In addition, you can be sentenced of a Class 3 misdemeanor for immediately failing to surrender your license plates and driving without insurance (unless the automobile registration has been disabled). If no record of liability insurance is found, you’ll have 30 days to submit evidence of insurance before you get penalized.

Avoiding the Penalties

The state of Virginia gives driver who are unable to acquire car insurance the option to pay $500 UMV fee that fulfills your financial obligation and allows you to drive uninsured car for one year. Remember it doesn’t provide you any insurance protection, it only gives you the freedom to drive an uninsured car at your own risk, without facing consequences. If you have been found to be driving without insurance and have not yet paid the UMV fees, the Virginia law states that you must be granted an administrative hearing before you can be punished. Before a suspension goes into effect, Virginia drivers have the right to an administrative hearing to verify and make their case why the consequence should not be imposed. Any appeal for an administrative hearing must be received within 180 days of the date recorded on the notice of suspension.

License Suspension

If you are the owner of a vehicle that is both uninsured and for which the uninsured motor vehicle fee has not been paid, the DMV is essential by act to suspend your license till you pay the uninsured motor vehicle fee and provide proof of financial accountability

So, if you haven’t gained auto insurance for your automobile and it is registered in Virginia, if you want to avoid pledging a class 3 misdemeanor you must pay the fee of uninsured vehicle. It is important to note that the uninsured motor vehicle fee does not act as auto insurance. If you are involved in a mishap the DMV will not reimburse you for damage done to your automobile

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