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Women are often the sole caretakers for their children and they sacrifice a lot to give special attention to their children and home. They may not have advanced as far in their careers as their husbands who did not take time off. The Arlington VA lawyers assert that the difference in the professional achievement of the wife as compared to the husband gives reason for the court to order spousal support payments.

The experienced Arlington VA lawyers state that divorce generally compels the spouse who has focused on maintaining the home all these years to rejoin employment. This attempt to join employment will be filled with hurdles and obtaining a decent job immediately is simply not possible. It is during these times that clients approach the proficient Arlington VA lawyers for guidance on how to proceed. The Arlington VA lawyers want to know if they can seek additional spousal support payments based on the fact that they have lost work experience due to their focus on family. Clients who consult the Arlington VA lawyers worriedly state that they have lost everything as they have concentrated on building relationships. These individuals who have moved out of the job after marriage are too troubled and are desperate to take the Arlington VA lawyers’ support as they financially suffer after a divorce.

Why Are Spouses Worried About Going Back To Work?

After a comprehensive time gap from their career, women might have to learn new job skills or even board on a new career altogether. The Arlington VA lawyers highlight that spouses are terribly frightened to know what happens to them between the separation period and the day they join gainful employment. Alimony is financial support paid after divorce to the economically dependent partner to re-enter the job market, define the Arlington attorneys. On consulting your Arlington VA lawyers you will understand alimony allows you to adjust to your new living conditions. Sometimes a partner does not make prompt payments and falls behind on paying alimony. This is when you need the assistance of Arlington VA lawyers to legally proceed with alimony payments.

Divorce Lawyer

This reluctance to pay alimony can cause a considerable financial burden to the partner, emphasize the Arlington VA lawyers. When your court-ordered alimony is not paid, either because your partner refuses to pay or cannot pay, you have legal options to ensure that a court order is imposed and you receive the money you are owed. To know your options, you should hire the Arlington VA lawyers immediately.

There are serious consequences when court-ordered alimony is not paid. A refusal to pay alimony is fundamentally a violation of court orders, warn the Arlington VA lawyers. The Arlington VA court may impose a fine on your partner or even order jail time if he continues to ignore the court order. If you are having trouble receiving alimony after a divorce, confer with our Arlington VA lawyers.

How To Enforce Your Right To Receive Alimony?

Your Arlington VA lawyers can help you enforce your alimony rights. You will know from your Arlington VA lawyers that income withholding is a court order that requires the employer of the spouse not paying alimony to withhold a portion of their income and send it directly to the receiving spouse for alimony. This method allows the partner in need to get the money directly, without having to deal with the spouse who is refusing to pay.

Once the court orders alimony, both parties are constrained to respect that order until it expires, or till a modification request is approved. Your partner cannot simply stop making spousal support payments because his circumstances have changed. Unemployment does not relieve a spouse from court-ordered support payments, assert the Arlington VA lawyers. But in these cases, modification may be temporarily approved until one’s financial situation improves. After the situation improves, the paying spouse has to resume regular payments, inform the Arlington VA lawyers.

Your Arlington VA lawyers will tell you that not paying the alimony may result in the court charging the paying spouse with contempt of court, which is a serious charge with additional fines or even jail time. The court can order a wage garnishment, where you get a fixed percentage of their income. The skilled Arlington VA lawyers will inform you that even if you may feel aggrieved that your spouse is not providing alimony, you should continue to perform the duties required of you. If you are the parent with care and control of your children, you should continue to allow visitation.

Grounds for Spousal Support Termination

Some people may not consult a lawyer at all and may just stop the alimony payments on their own. This is a mistake with grave consequences. Alimony can be short-term or long-term and is in any case a big commitment. You may be unable to pay alimony because of job loss, layoffs, new expenses, or a variety of other reasons. The best course of action is to take the support of the Arlington VA lawyers’ assistance to get an order from the court terminating the alimony. In certain cases, you need to show that the situations have changed so drastically that support is no longer needed. Most commonly, death and remarriage would automatically terminate the payments in VA. In that case, all you need to do is show the court proof that such an event occurred. You need to convince the judge that your spouse has got a much higher-paying job, or he/she began to cohabit with someone else.

Ending alimony early due to cohabitation is often more difficult to prove than remarriage, as you will need to demonstrate that a change of circumstances has occurred and then submit proof of financial co-dependency. This can include shared bank accounts, filing joint taxes, shared bill payments such as power charges, rent, and other such everyday living expenses, photographs of a shared residence, etc.

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